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„Product certificates“


Der Blaue Engel (Blue Angel)

The Blue Angel is the oldest official environmental label worldwide and accordingly serves as a national standard in Germany considered as essential by many builders and architects. All of our linoleum coverings have been awarded the environment mark ‚Blue Angel RAL-UZ 38‘ for floor coverings made of wood or wood materials.

In addition, many of our fibrebonded carpets have also borne the Blue Angel mark since the summer of 2010. This label proves that their emissions are low, they are harmless from a health perspective and they contain no harmful substances.

Armstrong products with the Blue Angel:

DLW Linoleum LPX
DLW Linoleum PUR
DLW Sports Linoleum Flooring
DLW Sports Linogym System complete system
DLW Fibrebonded Strong 926, 951, 956
DLW Fibrebonded M 745 L, M 745 S-L


Österreichisches Umweltzeichen (Austrian environment mark)

The Austrian environment mark UZ 56 for floor coverings serves as a guarantee for environmentally friendly products and services. It provides the public with information on the environmental impact of consumer goods as a result of their production, use and disposal, and provides environmentally friendly alternative products. DLW Linoleum was awarded this certificate because it satisfies a number of environmental criteria as proven by an independent inspection. The environment mark combines a high environment standard with quality and product safety.

Armstrong products with the Austrian environment mark:
DLW Linoleum LPX
DLW Linoleum PUR
DLW Sports Linoleum Flooring


Swan Label (Nordic Ecolabelling)

The Scandinavian Swan Label evaluates the entire manufacturing process of products. It also considers the emission of harmful substances during manufacture in addition to energy and water consumption. Additionally, the Nordic Swan supports important innovations which contribute to environmental protection. DLW Linoleum was awarded the certificate because it stresses the environment as little as possible and guarantees sustainability.

Armstrong products with the Swan Label:
DLW Linoleum LPX
DLW Linoleum PUR
DLW Sports Linoleum Flooring


GUT seal

The GUT seal from the ‚Gemeinschaft umwelt- freundlicher Teppichboden e.V.‘ association for eco-friendly carpets, founded in 1990, marks out textile floor coverings that guarantee maximum eco-friendliness and comprehensive user protection at all stages of the life cycle – from manufacturing and installation right through to use and recycling. In collaboration with officially recognised testing institutes throughout Europe, GUT carries out extensive product and control tests based on the strictest standards. The GUT seal proves that DLW Fibrebonded carpet was tested for harmful substances, emissions and odour and complies with the strict GUT regulations.

Armstrong DLW products with the GUT seal:
DLW Fibrebonded carpet (broadloom and tiles)


National technical building approval (‚Ü‘ quality control seal)

In order to obtain their national technical building approval, the Deutsche Institut für Bautechnik (DIBt) civil engineering institute requires all textile and resilient floor coverings in rooms to comply with certain VOC emission values, which ensure that no user of a building can be affected by the emission of harmful substances. For this, the specific requirements were developed by the Committee for Health-related Evaluation of Building Products (AgBB), composed of health and environmental authorities from the German federal and national governments. Amongst other decisions, the committee determined that, following their initial technical building approval, floor coverings also had to be inspected at yearly intervals thereafter.

Armstrong DLW products with national technical building approval:
DLW Linoleum
DLW Vinyl homogeneous
DLW Luxury Vinyl
DLW Fibrebonded carpet
DLW Sports