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Newport High School, Wales
HLM Architects, Cardiff
Floor covering: DLW Linoleum Marmorette
Rating: BREEAM Excellent

Newport High School in Wales was designed to be as efficient as possible with its energy and resources. Thanks to an extremely dense building envelope, CHP cogeneration processes as well as solar thermal systems, the building‘s CO2 emissions are around 20 % below those specified in building regulations. The use of rainwater together with greywater recycling reduces the school‘s industrial water consumption. Great store was also placed on ensuring low resource consumption and sustainability when selecting the building materials: DLW Linoleum – with a Class A BRE rating thanks to its outstanding life cycle assessment – was consequently selected as the resilient floor covering.


An den Brücken (MK1 und MK2), Munich
Weickenmeier, Kunz + Partner Architects
Architekten, Ingenieure GmbH, München
Floor covering: DLW Linoleum Marmorette
Rating: LEED Platinum (MK2) und LEED Gold (MK1)

A harmful substance-free building complex with minimal energy requirements – this statement accurately sums up the „An den Brücken“ office complex in Munich‘s Westend district, completed in 2010. In addition to innovative building techniques with near-surface geothermal energy systems, concrete core activation and ventilation systems with integrated heat recovery, the project developers also focused heavily on the use of building materials free of harmful substances. As such, all relevant components were tested and approved by the ‚Büro für integrierten Umweltschutz (BIU)‘ environmental protection agency. In accordance with their strict guidelines, DLW Marmorette 2.5 mm PUR was selected as the resilient floor covering.


Z-zwo, Stuttgart
Eike Becker_Architects, Berlin
Floor covering: DLW Fibrebonded Strong
Rating: DGNB "Silver"

The completion of the „Z-zwo“ office and administration building in Stuttgart in 2002 marked the successful expansion of the headquarters of the Züblin building company, which fully complies with sustainable building practices. The impressive building, designed by Eike Becker Architects, was conceived to include a low energy standard, an extremely high storage capacity and intelligent building management that controls aspects including natural light and ventilation. DLW Fibrebonded Strong was selected as the floor covering – an extremely durable covering that impresses due to its excellent impact sound reduction and its Floor Protect impregnation offering effective protection against soiling. This makes it easy to clean and very long-lasting.