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An edifying piece of architecture: the International Academy Amman
In the western part of Amman, in the direct vicinity of the King Hussein Park, Symbiosis Design 2008 had a new building with simple, clear forms constructed for the school. The International Academy was founded in 2004 by Queen Rania Al-Abdullah of Jordan as part of her "Jordanian Education Society" organization.

Modern clarity with hints of traditional Arabic architecture
Up to 900 pupils have enough space in this modern building that has been influenced by traditional Arab architecture to focus on work, sport and fun. Several sculptural structures were arranged on the site in such a way that a wide variety of outdoor spaces resulted. This created large areas that offer sufficient space for the pupils to meet up and relax during break times.

Inside, there are 32,000 square metres that house, besides class rooms, a cafeteria, an auditorium and a theatre with 450 seats as well as a conference centre, a sports hall and an indoor pool. The limestone building combines modern style with traditional Arabic architecture: while the shapes of the building look modern and sculptural, the limestone and the enclosed construction method put one in mind of the architecture typical of the region.

Exciting interplay of light and shade
On the whole, the International Academy is closed towards the outside in order to offer protect against too much incoming solar radiation. Only in a few places does the building open up towards the outside with large glazed areas. Thanks to the generously sized spaces inside, the interiors are nevertheless bright and welcoming. In small inner courtyards of the primary school building, wooden beams create an interplay of light and shade. Hard-wearing DLW Linoleum Marmorette in vivid grey was chosen to cover the floors. Items - such as the colourful chairs in the cafeteria - introduce a bit of lively colour to the building.

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