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Industrial design building in Halle
As part of the restructuring plan for the Burg Giebichenstein Art and Design University in Halle, the Berlin-based architectural firm Anderhalten Architekten has renovated a laboratory building from the fifties and expanded it by building an addition. The architects added a floor to the plain stucco building – in its time itself an addition to the adjacent art nouveau villa – and built a three-story slab-shaped addition.

Students and instructors now have access to 2500 square meters (27,000 square feet) of usable floor space, a lecture hall with 150 seats, spacious studios, offices as well as the necessary side rooms. The most striking feature of the new building is its façade. The golden, three-dimensional structure serves as an eye-catching feature of the institute building and at the same time expresses the themes of industrial design and industrial production.

The distinctive plasticity of the façade arises from the staggered arrangement of three different block formats and the differentiated angles of the gold-anodized aluminum blocks. The window openings are integrated into the horizontal structure as missing blocks. The main entrance in the newly created space between the new building and the existing building in the east end of the site was also placed in the golden structure.

The interior, like the exterior, also reflects the design of the outer façade. The arrangement of the windows creates an extraordinary interior atmosphere and frames the view of the surrounding landscape. The outer façade of the existing building has also been converted into an interior wall. The window openings can still be clearly seen in the gray plastered wall. The architects chose dark gray marbled DLW Linoleum from Armstrong. Marmorette fits discreetly and elegantly into the overall picture.