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Newport High School receives BREEAM rating of Excellent sustainable school

Newport High School is a model of sustainability. It was the first school in Wales to receive a BREEAM rating of Excellent. The building complex was designed by HLM Architects and built by the Leadbitter Group. BREEAM (BRE Environmental Assessment Method) provides information regarding a building’s overall environmental performance, from planning to construction to usage.

Thanks to its heat-insulated exterior shell, combined heat and power generation, and solar heating, its CO2 output is about 20% below legally required levels. Other sustainable aspects are the use of rain water, the recycling of used water and natural ventilation. In the construction, preference was given to the local workforce and local materials. In order to increase student awareness on the topic of sustainability, digital displays in the main hallway show how much has already been saved thanks to solar energy and recycled water.

Newport High School is a traditional school, but the adjacent Active Living Centre with its leisure center also welcomes visitors from the surrounding area. The five school wings extend outward from a curved main hall. For easy orientation, even the exterior of each wing is color-coordinated. The interior of each part of the building is also decorated with colorful wall art in its corresponding color – green, red, purple or blue. A bright linoleum stripe runs down the middle of the hallway floors to the common areas of each wing, where the entire floor is covered in the corresponding color. Befitting the sustainable building, DLW Linoleum from Armstrong was selected, which due to its outstanding eco-friendliness has a Class A BRE rating.